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Expedition Overview

This expedition is the product of my love for travel, my passion for fly fishing and my desire to learn about the people, places and cultures that make up our world. This journey is as much about the “getting there” as it is about the “being there.” Only a few of the places that will be visited on this expedition can be considered “off the beaten path.” Many people have pursued the mysterious giant taimen in Mongolia and also fished the spectacular rivers of the Kola Peninsula for Atlantic salmon. In that way, this trip is not unique. Where this trip distinguishes itself is in the fishing of the 3,500 miles in between those famous destinations. What lies in the lakes, rivers and streams along the way? Not only does this trip aim to answer those questions, it intends to pursue those answers with the same determination that a devout fisherman would apply when fishing his “home” waters.

To ensure that the “getting there” part is accomplished, I have commissioned Mount Logan Off-road in Logan, UT to build a one-of-a-kind expedition truck. Mount Logan is renowned for constructing some of the most technologically advanced and inventive four-wheel drive vehicles in the world. Towed behind the truck will be a custom-built trailer by Campa USA.  Campa USA products are inspired by the “tried-and-true” safari trailers of the African bush and utilize the most advanced design and construction processes.

This vehicle was on display at the SEMA expo in Las Vegas in November, 2005. SEMA is the automotive industries premier "specialty performance" product trade event. Additionally, for the “shake down” test, the truck was raced in the Trophy Truck class at the 2005 Baja 1000. Please see “Truck Info” above for more details on our entry.

Some call this the “road trip of a lifetime,” “the world’s greatest fishing trip” or “the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.” Perhaps it will be those things in the end. But rather than accomplishing anything tangible, I expect that it will only further fan the fire that is my desire and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Ultimately, my hope for this expedition is that it becomes merely a waypoint in my growth as a human being and a fisherman.

Mission Statement

The mission of this journey is exploration, experience and sharing. Exploring the far reaches of our planet in search of adventure; meeting new people and experiencing life from a different perspective, and sharing this new found knowledge with others to expose and understand the diversity and uniqueness of each community and destination.

This journey will embrace discovery and learning, while retaining the utmost respect for humanity. The trip will seek to expand knowledge, develop character and broaden perspective. It will employ a “tread lightly” approach both afoot and in interaction. And of course, it will maintain a strict accordance with the principles of catch and release.