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Location: Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is the town situated near the North end of the North West Cape. It is surrounded by the world-class fishing waters of the Exmouth Gulf and the Ningaloo Marine Park. The Park has set aside a good portion of coastline for fishing activities. Although some argue that catch-and-release fishing should be reclassified and allowed throughout the Park. I'm just glad I finally made it here!

After a week here, I am a tremendous fan of Exmouth fishing. There is a great diversity of habitats, from flats to rock structures to abundant bluewater. Even though we've been land-based, we've already managed to land 11 different species. It truly is an incredible place.

And……that is saying nothing of the scenery!!! The water is warm and found varying degrees of turquoise, the sand is soft and the sun is hot. A paradise even without considering the fishing opportunities! As this is the "off" season, it is rare to run into anyone else while traveling around the back roads of the Park. The only drawback is the wind. This is the windy time of year. Powerful gusts and constant direction changes is par for the course. When the wind does pick up, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy: swimming with the Whale Sharks, snorkeling the reefs, or my personal favorite, sitting back with a nice cold beer and taking it all in!

I have five days remaining here, then I depart for Cairns, back on the North East coast. Thank you for all your support!

A Giant Herring caught near the naval jetty

Releasing a Parrotfish from Old Bundegi flats

Fishing the rocks at Pilgramunna

The sunset at Sandy Bay

A Golden Trevally near Winderabandi Point

My make-shift shelter provided some much-needed sun relief!


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