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October 14, 2007 - Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Hola! from Tenerife! I am here studying at the Don Quijote Spanish language school for a month while the rig is shipped from Hamburg to Buenos Aires. Tenerife is quite spectacular with black sand beaches, towering cliffs along the coast and "El Teide," a 12,200 foot dormant volcano that dominates the skyline when the clouds recede. The towns on the island are quaint with narrow cobblestone streets and with colorful storefronts selling everything from expensive Swiss watches to $5 beach towels. All in all, not a bad place to spend a month.

Before arriving here on the 30th, I drove from Wolfhard's house in Dinslaken to Hamburg to drop off the truck at the shipping port. As always, leaving the truck, trailer and nearly all my belongings at the port required a HUGE leap of faith. I guess the lady at the window has seen it all because she gave my paperwork only a cursory glance before instructing me to drive into the yard, turn left at the first warehouse door, enter and park it. It would have been nice if she paused for a moment...... as if to say..... "Ahhhh.... now this is interesting" or "Hmmm........ you don't see this everyday." Apparently, for all she cared, I could have been shipping 20 tons of bird feed to the Vatican.

The next update will come from Buenos Aires. As much as I enjoyed my time in this part of the world, I'm anxious to get back to doing some serious fishing. I'm also excited about getting back to places where there are less people! Spending a significant amount of time in the Russian Far East and Mongolia makes a person appreciate a little space.

Since I'm basically just a student/bum without much to provide as far as an update, it gives me a chance to post some more photos from my visits to Sweden, Germany and Austria.

Thanks again to everyone and see you soon!

El Medano, Tenerife

Dan and reel designer Karl-Heinz Henschel

Walking in the rain, Offensee, Austria

Dan with a fat trout from Wolfhard's secret fishing spot

Dan and the Sandstrom clan at their idyllic home outside Umea

More Milling!!! Leif's shot of my Pike going aerial


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