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September 17, 2006 - Salida, CO

N38 21 1
W105 59 56
My apologies for the complete lack of updates!  I’ve received quite a number of requests for the latest scoop on my whereabouts and the fishing, etc.  In my defense, there has been a lot more driving than fishing as of late.  However, I am now back in Salida for a few days before I head to Salt Lake City and then depart for Australia on September 30.  Once I am under way “Down Under,” the updates will be fast and furious!
After attending the World Fly Fishing Expo in Denver, I flew back to Anchorage and started the trip back.  The drive went pretty smoothly.  I spent a couple of days with friends in Whitehorse, traveled down the Cassiar Highway, took a detour to Prince Rupert, then backtracked east to Prince George, into Jasper, Banff, crossed into the U.S., spent a couple of days in Kalispell, Montana with friends, then to Island Park, Idaho, Jackson, Wyoming, then to Saragota, WY and finally arrived in Salida on the 15th.
I fished the Skeena, Fraser, North Fork of the Flathead, the Henry’s Fork, the Snake, and the North Fork of the Platte.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to fish any of the rivers as thoroughly as I’d like, but it served as reconnaissance for my return trip to the area at the conclusion of the expedition.
I waslucky enough to meet up with a long-time friend in Kalispell, Andy Geiger.  Andy is a well-known professional photographer ( and he decided our float down the North Fork of the Flathead would be a good opportunity to hone his underwater shot taking (and his tolerance for really cold water).  The resulting photos are pretty fascinating...  Check them out: (images are the property of Andrew Geiger Photography)

 I’d like to extend my immense gratitude to everyone who has helped make the first leg of this expedition a success.  The outpouring of assistance and support has truly been remarkable.  I have been humbled by the enthusiasm family, friends, acquaintances and strangers have shown for this project.  I anticipate the rest of the journey will be as equally educational and fulfilling.
Next update from Sydney! Best wishes and have fun!

Showtruck: The Fly Fishing the Globe race truck at the Denver Show

A glacier outside of Valdez, Alaska

Athabasca Falls in Jasper

St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park

Carl Darnell of Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. with a Brown at the N. Fork of the Platte


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