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June 23, 2006 - Day 17

Location: Near “Devil’s Thumb”
N 65 22 30.0
W 143 28 37
Start: 8am
Finish: 9am
Distance: 110 miles

The plan was to cover as many miles as possible today so that tomorrow I can have a few hours in Circle to rest and post an update. 110 miles was great progress, but around 70 of that was in a downpour. For those that think it rains all the time in Alaska, you are wrong. In the winter it snows. I couldn’t believe how consistent the rain was. Hour after hour of continuous sheets!

I guess the important point is that I achieved my goal. Tomorrow it’s 5 hours to Circle and a few hours to rest up and prepare for the hardest part of the journey (hopefully).

Leaving Eagle, AK

Calico Bluff, 20 miles downriver from Eagle.

Erosion is everywhere along the river as evidenced by this recent slide

Approaching another storm



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