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June 22, 2006 - Day 16

Location: Eagle, AK
N 64 47 17
W 141 11 58
Start: 10:30am
Finish: 10:15pm
Distance: 101 miles

I was eager to get on the river this morning. Despite Chris Brier’s (the Yukon Encyclopedia) urgings to stay another day in Dawson City, I pushed off around 10:30am. He tried to convince me to stick around another day or so (he is staying till “Canada Day” on July 1) by saying I’d encounter “monster storms and angry bears!” Well, he was right on one account. 20 miles downriver I hit an ugly storm. At first it was moderate rain. Then it was heavy rain. Then it was heavy rain with HAIL. It only last about 20 minutes, but it set the tone for the day. I was hit with 3-4 rain showers.

I pulled into Eagle and checked in with the U.S. customs office. It actually is nothing more than a guy who looks out his front window and asks people if they are coming from Canada. He asked me if I was sure I was traveling alone. Then he stamped my passport with ink that never dried, thereby smearing two facing pages with what looks like an ink-spot test.

A decaying sternwheeler just downriver from Dawson City

Storms a brewin’

A less glamorous aspect of a 1,900 mile float trip in Alaska; RAIN

The US-Canada border on the Yukon River. No need for a wall here.



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