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June 17-21, 2006 - Days 11-15

Distance: 0 miles
Location: Dawson City
N64 03 55.7
W139 25 55.4

Dawson City has a colorful history. During the Klondike gold rush it was the center of the universe. Every hopeful soul seeking fortune (including Jack London) had Dawson City as their destination. At the turn of the century, the gold stampede ballooned Dawson’s population to over 30,000 and it became known as the “Paris of the North.” Now it is around 1,300 and caters mostly to the waves of RV’s that pass through town during the Summer months. While most of the people are gone, they left behind countless stories of triumph, tribulation, success and tragedy.

After 5 days in Dawson City, I’m anxious to get back on the river. Next update will be from Eagle, Alaska!

The dory taking its place on the Dawson City waterfront

One of the “older” residences

Dan with noted author and Yukon historian Dick North at the Jack London center

Looking down 3rd Avenue towards “Moosehide” Slide

”Is it me or are those buildings crooked?” This time it’s the buildings!

In the South they put cars up on blocks. In the North it’s Zambonis.

Where it all began: Bonanza Creek. It has been panned,
mined and dredged countless times. Dredge tailings are everywhere.
The creek now flows on top of 50-60 feet of tailings.

A fancy car from a bygone era. Manufactured by the McLaughlin Motor Co. in Ontario, Canada.
Probably owned by a gold baron “back in the day.”

The “business end” of the No. 4 Dredge. The chain links are 40 inches long
and the 66 buckets each weigh 4,600 lbs.

The No. 4 Dredge floated in a self-dug pond and was moved only 10 feet at a time.
Over 18 years it traveled 7 miles up Bonanza Creek and produced nearly
$10 million in gold (at $35/ounce).

”Have ‘gun’ will travel.” Taking a different mode of transportation to find fish.

A more recent, distinguished resident of Dawson City (I’m not kidding!)


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