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Friday, June 16, 2006 - Day 10

Start: 9:30am
End: 12:00am
Distance: 94 miles
Location: Dawson City
N64 03 55.7
W139 25 55.4

This may have been the hardest day of rowing I’ve ever had. Of the 14.5 hours on the river today, there was a headwind of 15-20 knots for all but two. It was incredibly unrelenting! I could barely keep pace with the river current when putting both the oars in the water and bracing myself. Although I traveled a good way, it was painful the entire time. If it weren’t for the gloves and straps (both additions from 2003’s experience) I wouldn’t have made it half as far.

The wind finally let up around 10pm and I was able to finish the trip to Dawson City in relative peace. I now have 5 days to attend to business, errands and take in the town’s solstice festival. Dawson City marks the beginning of the hardest part of the trip; the row up to Circle and then the worst part of the trip… the Yukon Flats. I am looking forward to recuperating and taking a break from the river.

A consistent image


Yukon views and a nice headwind

A nasty logjam. These are a real danger if you don’t pay attention.


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