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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 - Day 8

Start: 8:00am
End: 7:45pm
Distance: 82 miles
Location: Ft. Selkirk
N62 46 36.3
W137 23 40.1

The goal was to reach the Pelly River today. It was the only possibility to fish on this section of the Yukon. After the disappointment at the Big & Little Salmon Rivers I had become rather pessimistic that any fish stay in these side rivers throughout the year. Perhaps the combination of the violent run-off and the long, harsh winters make this area uninhabitable. Perhaps I need to travel further up the confluence to find them? Perhaps I just haven’t tried the right methods? Well... I didn’t have to wonder very long about the Pelly. It was the color of cat vomit. Not to mention it was about ½ the size of the Yukon. Not exactly an ideal trout habitat. I decided to have dinner in a side channel while I contemplated the idea of a “fishing trip” down the Yukon.

After peeking at the map, I realized I was only a stone’s throw from Ft. Selkirk. At one time it was one of the busiest towns on the Yukon River. There are pictures of as many as 5 big paddleboats tied up along its river bank. Back in the 1920’s and -30’s, it contained over 300 residents and was even considered as the capitol of the Yukon Territory. After the gold rush and subsequent decline of the riverboat industry, the town slowly withered away until being completely abandoned in the early 1950’s. People just packed up what they could carry down (or up) the river and left everything else. The Yukon Government, in partnership with the First Nations (aboriginal Canadians) Council, has been working since the 1980’s to restore Ft. Selkirk to its original condition and tell its story. The result is a truly incredible experience. To walk amongst the towns buildings and imagine when they where buzzing with activity makes a person wish they had been around to see it.

Dietrich ready to tackle 3 Fingers and Rink Rapids

The bridge at Carmacks. One of only 2 to cross the Yukon after Whitehorse.

A high cutbank

One of the many barges that work to transport goods between river towns.
This one makes unique use of a small RV

Ft. Selkirk in the evening light

One of the two churches in town

The First Nations cemetery just outside of Ft. Selkirk


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