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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 - Day 7

Rest & errand day
Distance: 0 miles
N 62 06’ 38.9”
W 136 16’ 0.0”

After uploading pictures and transferring journal entries to the Master Webmaster (Mr. Scott Cocking of Side Show Design), I had the rest of the day to investigate Carmacks with a fellow river runner from Germany (of course!) named Dietrich Aukamp.  Although “just a farmer” Dietrich seems to have found a sneaky way to travel most of the world while tending to his cows and corn.  We found Carmacks to be a fairly typical Yukon River town.  It has all the facilities one could need.  The tricky part is needing them WHEN they are the facility you want.  See…..the bank is the post office Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the bank Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There is NO doing business of the “other” business on its non-business day!  Likewise, the bartendress at the Carmacks Hotel is also the town coroner.  I guess she likes to work with refrigerators?  Anyway, she warned us not to float the Big Salmon River (I know it as “Just another river without fish”) because it keeps her busy at her other job (the one where she sees dead people).  She also described what was left of a person killed by a grizzly bear recently.  It is an image that will mostly likely stay with me for the rest of my life.  After a few “Arctic Reds” (the tasty amber beer from the Yukon Brewing Co.) we went back to camp to rest up for tomorrow’s miles.

Sorry, no photos with today's entry!



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