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Sunday, June 11, 2006 - Day 5

Start: Day of rest!
Distance: 0 miles
N 61 35’ 07”
W 134 54’ 13.8”

I know all you Lebowski fans are asking “What’s this day of rest *@(#$&?!?!?!” Well…..I don’t really need the rest, I just want to linger and fish the pool near camp.

I rowed around the pool for a few hours…..there were occasional rises. The Teslin River is flowing at high water levels, which may be affecting the fishing. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just nice to relax and do nothing. I caught a single grayling around noon, then decided to smoke the Cuban cigar that Sandor gave me and finish off the Macallan 30. I had hoped the bottle would last me till the Bering Sea. Then I had hoped it would last me till Carmacks. In the end it didn’t last till dinnertime.

Today I had the pleasure to meet and speak with a German fella named Chris. Chris is a human encyclopedia on the Yukon River. He has traveled the entire river 7 times and has written a book about it. This time he is documenting the journey on video so that he can include a video CD with future editions of his book.

It is a little-known fact outside of this part of the world that the German people LOVE the Yukon. Until today, I really had no idea what entices hundreds, if not thousands, of Germans to travel to the Yukon. Well… I know! Apparently, Jack London is very popular in Deutschland. “Call of the Wild” is a huge seller there!!! I guess little German boys and girls grow up on a healthy dose of Jack London and the idea that the Yukon is the last great frontier. Whatever it is, they flock here by the dozens. Chris is like their zen-master. Ready to equip every devotee with a literal “how to” manual on the Yukon River!

Morning at Hootalinqua Camp

“Searching for fish?”

Dan, taking a break from all the work


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