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Saturday, June 10, 2006 - Day 4

Start: 10:15am
End: 5:30pm
Distance: 8 miles
N 61 35’ 07”
W 134 54’ 13.8”

I started the day off right by rolling out of the boat tent and promptly reeling in a grayling on the streamer. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Today is another fishing day. Once I get to the confluence with the Teslin the river turns tan and murky and unfishable. As this will be my only opportunity to fish from the dory for the rest of the trip, I want to make the most of it. Everything after the confluence will require me to pack up and hike up the tributaries.

It starts off exactly as yesterday ended; grayling on nearly every cast. Last night, I threw the streamer to a group of fish holding in a riffle. As soon as the fly hit the water, a fish doubled back and took it before it had a chance to sink! I guess that’s what long winters do to a fish.

As I floated down the river, something caught my eye on the top of the cutbank on the left side of the river. It was a timber wolf and it was staring at me. As I floated out of his view, it’d run up to the next clearing and stare some more. He seemed rather intrigued at this strange thing floating by. This continued for about 100 yards till he obviously found something more entertaining. It was a pretty cool thing to witness.

After a few hours, downriver wind gusts begin. This coincides with an increased amount of sediment that was added to the river by the side streams. The number of rises decreases drastically until I travel a mile or two without seeing any fish. I drift down to the confluence and then another mile to Hootalinqua where I set up camp. Although the quality of fishing tailed off, it’s been another spectacular day.

Trip Summary:

Rainbows: 4
Grayling: 100+
Showers: 0 (hey….I can do that….I’m solo!

Returning to the river

Views on the 30 Mile River

My “interested observer”

Ice along the river

Dan and dory at Hootalinqua

Old Royal Canadian Mounted Police outposts at Hootalinqua


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