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Friday, June 9, 2006 - Day 3

Start: 10:15am
End: 5:30pm
Distance: 8 miles
N 61 26’ 29”
W 135 09’ 3.1”

I awoke today to rather gusty winds from the south and complimented myself on my prescient decision to tough out the last few miles of the lake yesterday. I could see whitecap waves off in the horizon. I was glad I wasn’t on the lake today.

Today was a fishing day! The 30 Mile River is absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear water with a blue/green hue. Reminded me of the Clutha River in New Zealand. Except a LOT colder. Before getting underway, I toured the old wood camp near the outlet. Wood camps were vital to the steam-powered paddle wheelers that traveled the Yukon River back in the early 1900’s. Entrepreneurs would set up these camps to satisfy the fuel needs of the ships. Apparently it was a very lucrative business (cutting down “free” forests and selling the cut and chopped wood to the boats) until the river shipping industry evaporated overnight when roads between the major cities were completed.

I rigged up my Sage rods for top and streamer fishing. A “stimulator” for the top and a olive wooly bugger with some flash for the sub-surface. I drifted slowly while eyeing the banks for holding water. A few rises…..then a few more. I anchored, cast and immediately hooked up a nice-sized grayling. “Nice-sized” for grayling is 1-2 lbs. (I think the current world-record is in the 4 lbs. range). I landed a few more before moving down the river. Casting as I drift (tricky in 4 mph currents) I saw nice pocket with lots of surface action. I put the rod between my feet and sat down at the oars to row closer. As the fly swung in the current, a grayling hit the fly. Aggressive buggers!!! I reeled it in and smiled at the thought of hooking my first fish caught with my feet.

The fishing continued to be hot until I pulled in to camp for the night. I traveled only 8 miles, but in those 8 miles I must have caught 75 fish. All grayling. In the hole near camp I saw a pair of pike. I was excited at the possibility of catching something OTHER than grayling. They gave my frog imitation a passing interest. Overall, a hugely satisfying day; just what I had imagined when I planned the trip.

An old wood hauler

Dan….”ready for bear.”

“Where’s the delay on the shutter?”

A beautiful grayling

The dory resting at camp

Tent up on the 30 Mile River


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