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Thursday, June 8, 2006 - Day 2

Start: 9:30am
End: 9:30pm
Distance: 28.5 miles
N 61 23’ 32.6”
W 135 13’ 51.9”

I decided to fish the lake area where Joe’s Creek pours in. The creek is crystal clear and clears an area around the inlet. Despite what I thought would be an ideal place for fish to feed, there was no evidence of them. After 15 minutes I accepted the notion that there were no fish to harass and buckled in for the row up the lake. Besides, there was 25+ miles of lake to troll for Mackinaw.

It was another spectacular day. Completely calm and sunny. I’m sure Yukon residents with heatstroke were being rushed in to the hospital by the dozens! The big difference between rowing on lakes and rivers is that when you stop rowing on a lake, you aren’t going anywhere. If you have a headwind, you do go somewhere……backwards. Lake Laberge has a nasty reputation for erupting in to a torrent of wind, rain and big waves at a moments notice. Every couple of years it claims the lives of unprepared and/or inexperienced boaters. Today it was flat. Thankfully.

As I put mile after mile behind me (averaging 3-3.5 mph) the lake wasn’t becoming any clearer. I thought Lake Laberge was a brilliant blue? Well…..turns out the top half of the lake is brilliant blue, the bottom half is a murky tan color. So much for trolling for Lake Trout!

After 20+ miles, my hands were aching and I contemplated stopping short of my goal for the day, which was the outlet of the 30 Mile River (actually the Yukon River, “30 Mile” just refers to the 30 miles between the lake and the confluence with the Teslin River). After considering the fact that the weather could only get WORSE, I pushed on.

After reaching the outlet and dropping anchor, I decided to celebrate a successful (“alive and dry,” that is) navigation of the lake. I broke out the bottle of Macallan 30 that I had been saving for four years for the “right” occasion. Ummmmmm good!!!!! I enjoyed the scotch while woofing down a military MRE. Macallan 30 and an MRE for dinner…..probably a first.

A thankfully calm Lake Laberge

Outlet of the 30 Mile River

Dan…tired from a full day of rowing

Dan…rejuvenated with Macallan 30 and an MRE



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