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June 6, 2006

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

N 60 43’ 07”
W 135 03’ 24”

The trip up to Fairbanks and back

I was not looking forward to this segment of the trip. While the drive up to Fairbanks is “only” 600 miles, it is the worst and slowest part of the Alaska-Canada Highway. This stretch of highway is continually under construction due to frost heaves and the fact a good portion of it lies on top of “muskeg” (tundra that becomes very mushy in the Summer). For these reasons, there are also countless spots where the road is badly deteriorated. Needless to say, the going is slow and rough.

To add to the joy this year, I ran in to not one but FOUR snowstorms. When I left Salida it was 87 degrees. Two hours in to the drive it was 34. Luckily it didn’t get too bad, but as the pictures reflect, it looks cold!

Anyway, I made it up and back without incident. Tomorrow I’ll be dropping the boat in to the river! The next entries will be sent in from Carmacks, YT… about 220 miles downriver from Whitehorse. I’ll be sorry to leave Whitehorse, but the Mighty Yukon awaits!

So this is what Summer in the Yukon looks like.

Mountains with a fresh dusting of snow.

“The sea was angry that day.” A stormy Kluane Lake.

Clear running with mountains down the road.

Air North: “Yukon’s Airline”. Newsflash!! We use doors now!


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