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June 3, 2006

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

N 60 43’ 07”
W 135 03’ 24”

Dan gets to fish….Finally!
After spending countless hours driving up from Colorado, I received my first invitation to fish the Yukon.  Through my friend Sandor, I met Dennis Zimmerman.  While juggling an office job, domestic duties AND managing two active young boys (Max & Zach) with his wife Hillary, Dennis is developing a guide service and website for people looking to fly fish in the Whitehorse area.
Dennis, Sandor and I met up at around 9:30pm (hey, this is Yukon time!) and made the quick drive to McLean Lake.  Although small in size, it boasts a healthy, self-sustaining population of Rainbow trout.  In the lower 48, most people drive 3 hours to find fishing like this.  In the Yukon it is located 10 minutes out of town!
The fishing allowed me an opportunity to try out some new gear:  The “Mosquito” back-packable boat made by Jack’s Plastic Welding and the 6 wt TCR rod and 2450 reel by Sage.  I can endorse both products enthusiastically!!!  The boat is very stable and makes a great platform from which to cast and land fish….. and it weighs only 20 lbs.
If you are planning on visiting the Yukon, please visit Dennis’ website (soon to be for information, tips and fishing spots.  Thanks Dennis!


“Fish on” in the Yukon!  Although it appears dark in this picture, it was actually
quite light outside at the time. This picture was taken around midnight.
These fish seemed rather upset at being hooked and put up a great fight.

The first fish on this fishing odyssey!
This rainbow was a deep purple color, which I had never seen before.

“The more cooperation I get, the sooner you get back to your friends.”

Giving a tour of the dory in the rain.

“Smile for the camera!”

Sandor Elek, Dennis Zimmerman and Dan engaging in “a” successful post-fishing
adult beverage (Chilkoot Lager from Yukon Brewing Co.). Yum!!!

A placid Lake Laberge at 2am


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