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March 27, 2007 - Christchurch, NZ

I seriously cannot believe my time here in New Zealand has come to a close. Tomorrow I hop on a plane to New Caledonia and all that lies beyond. While I am disappointed to leave so many rivers, lakes and streams unfished, I am incredibly excited to take the next step in my adventure.

There are so many New Zealanders I would like to thank for helping me that I cannot possibly name every one of them. However, I'd like to thank Roger & Kathy Duxfield for the logistical support and wonderful hospitality; Dean Ingram for the unfettered access to his beautiful riverfront property as well as the food and beer; Douglas & Rene Dold for their help, postal address and yummy meals, Nick Reygeart for the fishing guidance and for letting me fish all the good holes, Dave at the Russell Top 10 for the hospitality and travel-talk, Dave at Harrier Engineering for another round of excellent work on the LandCruiser, Johnny James for the use of his hut, Ewan Carr for the great good and atmosphere at Dansey's Pass, Chris Dore for the insight into the Nevis and everyone who has stopped us during my travels to offer a word of support or direction or just to share a story or two. That is what makes traveling so exciting and rewarding!

To New Zealand I bid a very fond adieu........... and I will be back!

Doubtful Sound in the evening

The Upper Rangitata River Valley

Mt. Cook beyond Lake Pukaki


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