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Date: February 11, 2008 - Location: Bariloche, Argentina

Greetings from Bariloche! Hope this update finds everyone happy and healthy.

First, I'd like to apologize for the missed update. It is my intention to share this incredible experience via the website every couple of weeks. However, occasionally there are elements beyond my control that make this impossible. My laptop dying was one of these. To make a short story shorter, it died, was revived and then croaked for good 2 weeks ago. I have a new one on its way to me from the U.S. Once I receive the shiny new one, I promise to keep to the schedule. By the way, this update is being formulated on the laptop of Alberto Alverez. Alberto owns and operates the Hosteria La Pastorella in Bariloche. I recommend staying here if you ever find yourself in this picturesque ski and lake town. See for information. Thanks Alberto!!!

Since arriving in the Esquel/Bariloche area, I have fished the Rio Pico, Rio Corcovado, Rio Rivadavia, Rio Correntoso and a couple of lakes. Each place is picturesque and the fishing has been wonderful. I spent a couple of days on the Rio Pico fishing for lively 12-14 inch Rainbows and the occasional Brown trout. It is easy to catch 50-60 fish. Further down the river, in the canyon, there is an opportunity to pursue Kings. While I haven't made it down that far yet, I have heard confirmed reports of fish in the 40-50 pound range.

The Rio Corcovado is one of the most beautiful rivers that I have ever seen. The river valley reminds me of the Flathead Valley in Montana. Also a bit like the Arkansas River Valley in Colorado. The river itself runs blue and deep. Some of the popular fishing (and swimming) holes must be 30+ feet deep. It is mostly known for the King salmon, but I have seen plenty of medium size Rainbows and a few very large trout as well. The big ones have eluded me, but I've enjoyed a few days catching plenty of fish.

I believe in this area must be similar to how the Western U.S. looked in the early 1900's. Each small town is linked by a dusty and bumpy road. The people are mostly self-sufficient, yet they also rely on their neighbors for a sense of community and support. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid settled in the area when they fled the U.S. in search of a "normal" life. The pace of life is as you'd expect; slow and gentle. No one is in a hurry here. I have given serious consideration to moving here someday.

FFG Merchandise

As I have attempted to convey through these updates, I have met many, many incredible, helpful and generous people during the last 21 months on the road. These people have helped me with lodging, food, fishing, road directions, fixing stuff, setting up my tent, washing the truck.... the list goes on and on. I am truly indebted to these extraordinary people.

A few people have wanted to help me by contributing to my endeavor financially. As I have been very lucky (the people I have worked with can attest that it was definitely luck and not skill!) in my life, I have always declined this assistance. However, recently it was explained to me that perhaps these generous people wanted to contribute to my trip as an indirect way of participating in it. The proverbial "pat on the back" or in my case "I'd like to buy you a beer (you crazy bastard)!"

Since I'm not a charity case (yet), I want to give people something in return for their support. To satisfy both needs, I am pleased to announce the introduction of the Fly Fishing the Globe store. The offerings are simple, but I can assure you that countless hours went into the products' conception and design (just ask my artistic design chief and webmaster Scott Cocking). I think the products are pretty sweet and reflect the spirit and humor in which this adventure is conducted. I hope that you agree. E-mail me with some feedback.

Time is Running Out!

Aside from the continuous flow of wonderful people that I meet, the only consistent theme during this endeavor is the incredible speed in which time flies by. Believe it or not, I only have about 6 months left! It seems like just yesterday that I hopped into my truck and headed to Alaska to tackle the mighty Yukon. Sometimes the whole adventure seems like a blur. Thankfully, I have documented as much of it as I could on this website and in additional photos and diary entries.

With time running low, I am recommitted to making this adventure live up to its full potential. Over the next 6 months, I will be fishing Ecuador, Central America, the Yucatan, Baja Mexico, the U.S., Canada and Alaska. The schedule is set, but I will continue to make every effort to meet and learn from my fellow fly fishing enthusiasts where ever I travel.

Thank you again to all the people who have contributed to the success of my trip. I couldn't have gotten this far without you.

A.E. Lin "What exactly is this for again?" Just kidding! After just 5 minutes of instruction, Ali caught 3 Rainbows from the Rio Pico. Definitely a testament to the excellent fishing rather than my ability to teach.

Inadvertently testing out my "Big Fish Life Saving Device" on the Rio Corcovado. I wore a PFD while fishing on this river because, in the event that I hooked a large King salmon, I'd have to jump into the river to have any chance of landing it. Here I merely slipped on the slick rocks and don't actually have a fish on. But it looks good anyway.

The Three Amigos!! Efrain Castro (from Rio Gallegos fame!), Walter Ruiz and "The fisherman Gaucho" on the way to fishing the Rio Rivadavia in Los Alerces National Park. 

Camp beside the Rio Pico. It has been perfect weather lately; warm during the day and cool in the evenings.

The Rio Pico at sunset. Patagonia is known for its vibrant sunsets.

"The Road to the Volcano" Heading towards the Osorno Volcano on the way to the Rio Puelo in Chile

Hauling hay! A typical scene from the Chilean countryside

A small but feisty Rainbow from the Rio Pico

A nice Brown from Lago Pico #5. They really got creative with the naming of the 5 lakes near the river!


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