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January 30, 2007 - Near Mosgiel, South Island New Zealand

I finally picked up the truck and trailer on the 17th and drove straight to Wellington to catch the day’s last ferry to the South Island. The following day I traveled onto Kaikoura (means “eater of crayfish” in Maori) and took in a whale watch tour. The continental shelf is located only about 25 kilometers off the shore, making Kaikoura a unique and ideal place to view whales. Many different species frequent the waters and we were fortunate enough to see three Sperm Whales. After the tour, I headed to a little town called Middlemarch for a gathering of fly fishing (and drinking) enthusiasts.

After a weekend of drinking beer and swapping stories around a bonfire (technically a “BBQ” as the current ban forbids open fires), I headed up to Christchurch to have some additional work done on the truck and meet up with some friends. For those of you that have been with me from the start, you’ll notice the truck has gone through a rather significant metamorphosis. While the Campa USA trailer is a turn-key, adventure-traveling masterpiece (I call it the “Taj Ma-HAUL”), the truck has undergone continual modification. The canopy over the back was added in Cairns, Australia at the same time the “tinnie” was purchased. The boat will be crucial when fishing still water and back country areas that are only reachable over lakes. The canopy gives me a significant amount of additional storage. This is important as I continually seem to be accumulating crap that I have no place to put.

Less noticeable are the fuel and oil filters I added to clean the important fluids down to 2 microns. This will remove some of the worry when I have to fill up the truck in “rural settings”, ie siphoning gas from a tractor in the middle of Siberia.

I am now heading over to Fiordland to (hopefully) fish with Nick Reygaert. Nick owns Oceania Productions ( which specializes in adventure fishing films. I promise to keep you updated a bit more often now that I finally have my “home” back!

Dan with a nice Tongariro Rainbow

A beautiful little South Island Brown

A Sperm Whale off of Kaikoura

The Rangitata River Gorge

The current incarnation of the FFG rig

Driving into the clouds at Danseys Pass

The business end of a miniature horse

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